Portrait of a Rajasthani Queen (Maharani)

Portrait of a Rajasthani Queen (Maharani) – Indian Traditional Canvas Oil Painting

Only 1 available
Handmade item
Materials: Oil Paint, Canvas
Ships worldwide from Canada

This is a beautiful portrait depicting the Rajasthani Queen (Maharani).
This Painting is Handmade on Canvas Oil Painting and is created on a bare piece of canvas by a talented artist using brushes and oil paint.

This painting has been detailed by using gold paint on all jewelry.

The result is a truly amazing work of art that you will be proud to own and enjoy for many years.

This Painting would be a perfect gift for your friends or family.

Size: 48 1/2″ x 38″ (with margin)(All sides have approximately 1″ margin.),
47″ x 36″(Actual size)

Color: As seen on photo above (Color may change depending on your monitor configuration.)

Condition: New, Excellent, Not framed

Style: Handmade Indian Traditional Art of Rajasthani Queen (Maharani)

Note: Painting will be Delivered within 4 weeks .
Portrait of a Rajasthani Queen (Maharani)


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